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Fingered by Your Music Player

04.06.2011 · Posted in Privacy

You surely have expected advertisers to get more aggressive about tracking you now that your smartphone is as powerful as desktop computers were just a few years ago. You surely have expected them to suck as much data about you as they can from whatever stuff you put on your phone. You surely expected that shopping sites were grabbing all the data about you that they could. But did you expect it from Pandora?

The Pandora music player has, according to reports, been sending every scrap of data it could suck out of your phone to pretty much anybody who wants it. Now, none of the information it sends is all that damning by itself, but in aggregate those data can build up a frighteningly accurate picture of who you are, what you like, where you shop, and even where you go on a daily basis! I submit to you, members of the jury, that these sorts of data are simply not necessary to a music player!

As news of this breach of trust spreads here at Intergalactic Droid Lust Headquarters, several of the minions who toil in the dank corridors have already stated that they will not be renewing their Pandora subscriptions when the time comes. This sort of egregious behavior breaks the implied trust between the user and the company. Although Pandora never promised us a thing, and the entire onus of misplaced trust is on the user side. People around here take their music pretty seriously, and to be treated like this is at the very least disheartening. Pandora, we’re very disappointed in you.

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